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NOTICE: THESE FREE LESSON PLANS AND REPRODUCIBLES ARE AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME. We're re-formatting them and will make lesson plans available on our new store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Many will still be free, but we're also offering a lot more expanded content at value prices. 

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For now, enjoy these free downloads*! These are samples from our book, Creative Genius. Included are a couple of reproducible mini-posters along with various lesson plans. The files are in PDF format unless otherwise stated. Clicking the name starts the download and the document can then be viewed and printed from Adobe Reader.

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    Postcards from the Moon

    Students make postcards to send home to friends and family from their vacations on the Moon. Students illustrate the fronts of their postcards and design special Moon Postage Stamps. On the backs they write a description of the landscape and tell the activities they do for fun. They include some interesting Moon facts, too. Also available here at Teachers Pay Teachers. Still free!