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Here's what leaders in the field of creativity have to say:

“I wish I’d had this book when I was an elementary school teacher! This book delivers what it promises—practical lessons in which students have the opportunity to think creatively.”

Dr. Alane Jordan Starko
Author of “Creativity in the Classroom,” Professor, Department of Teacher Education, Eastern Michigan University


“Creative Genius is a must-have resource for any educator who wishes to integrate creative thinking skills into the classroom. It provides dozens of step-by-step lessons for every discipline. These lessons will invigorate your classroom, challenge your students, and build a community of creative learners!”

 Dr. Cyndi Burnett
Director of Distance Education Programs, International Center for Studies in Creativity, Buffalo State, State University of New York

Creativity Unhinged

Quick Time-Fillers to Use Anytime, Anywhere

"Creativity Unhinged," has 120 games for kids that spark creative thinking. The games are outrageously fun! Children can cut out and make their own sets of game cards or simply keep them intact in the book. Almost every page has a different delightful border to prompt more ideas. 


Also find 100 of these games plus 50 "What-if" conversation prompts in our popular app, "Creative Genius On-the-Go"

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Our Jr Imagination Store features the books authored and illustrated by Marjorie, plus a selection of curated titles that explore creativity, science and art. 

Featured Book: Creative Genius: How to Grow the Seeds of Creativity Within Every Child

Grow the Next Generation of Achievers and Lead Young Dreamers to Success 

Creative Genius: How To Grow the Seeds of Creativity Within Every Child makes it easy with step-by-step lesson plans for teaching creative thinking skills to young students. This 360 page book includes 100+ lesson plans with detailed and helpful examples that serve as a "roadmap" for you. Each lesson plan also incorporates "extensions" that multiply the value of each activity. You also get over 150 reproducibles plus an easy-to-follow creativity guide. It's all you need to bring out the genius in your kids!

Here’s what you get:

  • Creativity: Mysteries Revealed  This concise guide for teachers and parents draws from established academic research but is presented in plain language, so you will quickly and confidently gain the knowledge you need to put creativity to work.  
  • Lesson Plans  You’ll get over 100 lesson plans in nine subjects, spanning grades 1–8, and that are appropriate for any learning level. With Creative Genius, you have valuable activities that work across the curriculum that will last you for years.
  • Reproducibles  The book includes 150 versatile Picture Prompt Cards to use with many of the lesson plans or on their own as quick time-fillers. Plus, you get a convenient award certificate for incentives, various charts and mini-posters, and access to exclusive online downloads.

Why not provide your kids a more open ended learning experience where there is “no right answer”? With practice using their imaginations they learn to make new connections, think beyond the obvious, and find the possible within the impossible.

“Teachers (or parents) may want to help a child’s creativity grow, but they may not always know how. Building off established psychological and educational research, Sarnat offers a fun and hands-on guide that will inspire, enrich, and delight.”

Dr. James C. Kaufman – International expert in creativity, author of “Creativity 101,” and co-editor of “The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity,” Professor, California State University at San Bernardino

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