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Creative Genius: How to Grow the Seeds of Creativity Within Every Child

Creative Genius:
How to Grow the Seeds of Creativity Within Every Child

By Marjorie Sarnat

Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Page Count: 360 pages
ISBN: 9780983740490

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A Team with a Lifelong Passion for Creativity

Marjorie Sarnat
Author and artist, Marjorie Sarnat, is co-founder and Chief Creative Director of Jr Imagination. She has extensive experience designing crafts and collectibles for major manufacturers and has won awards of excellence in the industry. Marjorie’s delightful illustrations are published by Dover Publications in a series of activity books for children, and have been perennial best-sellers. Her award-winning paper doll craft kit was branded by the Project Runway TV show. Marjorie is also a painter and has exhibited in art shows and galleries, winning numerous awards for her work.

Marjorie has maintained a lifelong passion about creative thinking and the creative process. She received her Certificate of Training for “Putting Ideas into Action” from the International Center for Studies in Creativity from Buffalo State University, N.Y. She has a unique understanding of the subject academically and artistically, as well as in her extensive background in product development. As a result, she generates a wide variety of effective and extraordinary content for teachers, parents, and kids which is incorporated into Jr Imagination products.

As an author, Marjorie is a feature writer for the Creativity Portal website, and her best-selling book, "151 Art Studio Secrets: To Boost Your Creative Output," has won two awards.

Marjorie is an alumna of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Eastern Michigan University, along with her teaching credentials. Early in her career Marjorie taught art to children and teens, and served as editor-in-chief of Arts & Activities, a national art education magazine.

Marjorie lives in Southern California with her designer husband, creative daughter, talented son, and genius dogs.

Marty Safir
Marty Safir is Jr Imagination’s co-founder and Creative Director. Formerly he was principal at Partners By Design, an award-winning graphic design studio that served corporate and industrial clients for many years. Marty was responsible for dozens of worldwide publication programs for Fortune 50 companies as well as the design of many packaged goods and marketing communications.

Marty’s passion is design and computer graphics. He oversees the user experience for all Jr Imagination products, including the interface and design of its software and printed materials. He loves applying his design expertise to meet the needs of teachers, parents, and kids in creating tools that are fun and easy to use.

Working together, Marjorie and Marty proved that designing creative products for kids is a powerful idea. A recent success is their award-winning “Project Runway® Designer Dolls™,” an open-ended creative craft for kids that they invented, designed, and licensed to a major manufacturer.

Marty lives in Southern California with his wife, Marjorie, the aforementioned kids, and what he would say is are loveable but not such genius dogs.