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New Book Releases and Artist Workshops

LOS ANGELES, CA Sept. 20, 2013 – So much activity, and so little time! Marjorie and I have re-worked our app, "Creative Genius On-the-Go!" into book form. Two of the three sets of activities have been incorporated into our new book, "Creativity Unhinged," Imagine That! and Wack-tivities. The book "serves up" quick and easy creative prompts and also is an activity book where kids can cut out and create their own fan-book (under supervision, of course!). We call this a "Cut-and-Keep Book." The app still works very well as a very portable way of initiating creative activities on the spot, anytime, anywhere. "Creativity Unhinged" is available on Amazon, or on our Store page.


Marjorie Is Passionate About Creativity and Her Art

This site, and our company, is all about reaching our potential through creative thinking with a special emphasis on how to guide young learners. But perhaps you didn't know that Marjorie also expresses her own creativity through fine art and writes about it, too. She applies creative thinking principles in her books for artists. For example, all artists at one point or another are confronted with What to Paint? Marjorie applies the principle of fluency to that problem, and the result is her third book in her Art Studio Secrets series, "210 Imaginative Ideas for Painting: How to Find and Keep Your Inspiration and Advance Your Visual Style." This is her biggest and best art book yet which will provide encouragement and inspiration to artists at any level. It's available on Amazon. Order it today.

There's a lot we've been working on and more to come. Meanwhile, look for us on Twitter and Facebook to share more content about creativity and any new developments! 


Two New Venues for Marjorie's Writing

LOS ANGELES, CA July 8, 2012 – Marjorie Sarnat is now a feature writer in the Author Series at Creativity Portal. Her first two articles, "Are You a Closet Creative?" and "Practical Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids" have been well received.

She also is a regular contributor to California Art League's newsletter, Creative Edge where she offers tips and techniques for artists.


Art Techniques Book Delights Artists of All Abilities and Includes Over Sixty Fun Ideas for Doing Artwork with Children


LOS ANGELES, CA February 25, 2012 – Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback is "151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets" by Marjorie Sarnat. The book is often found in the top spot on Amazon's Kindlestore under Art Instruction and Reference > Color and for good reason: At US$2.99 it's a great value and is packed with great ideas, techniques, and resources for any artist.

The book is the winner of the 2011 Global eBook Awards in two categories: Best Art/Graphics Book, Non-Fiction, and Best Book Cover, Non-Fiction. 

For artists who are not afraid of dripping paint on their Nook or iPad, "151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets" is available on those devices too. Visit Barnes & Noble Nook here, or the iBookstore here.

About the Book

Creating art is a personal endeavor. Along the way, artists each discover and employ ways of working that become part of their artistic expression and their signature style.

In her own artistic journey, author and artist Marjorie Sarnat has discovered, improvised, learned and gathered a wide array of hands-on tips, techniques, and inspirations for making art. Now she has collected them in this book, "151 Uncommon and Amazing Art Studio Secrets," and offers them for serious artists of any level.

This body of knowledge is presented as quick and simple passages organized into 12 sections. You will learn:

  • Intriguing Visual Illusions - Keep your audience wondering how they were done
  • The New Mixed Media - Unusual ways to work with acrylics, metallics, egg tempera, and even kitchen ingredients
  • Art Materials Redefined - New ideas for incorporating never-before-tried natural and man-made materials in your artwork
  • Penny Pinching Productivity - Cost-saving ways to obtain and manage your art tools and materials
  • Compelling Color and Composition - Understand their power and how to make deliberate choices to harness their emotional appeal

There are over 60 ideas for doing creative artwork with kids, as well. Every “secret” in this book is offered in practical terms with an eye toward boosting your creative output as an artist. This collection will help you create better artwork, apply new and unusual methods and materials, and will ignite your artistic expression.



Jr Imagination Releases “Creative Genius On-The Go!,” a New App for Busy Parents Who Love to Engage Their Children in Imaginative Enrichment Activities


Available for iPhone and iPod touch, Creative Genius On-the-Go! enables kids to develop their creative thinking skills — all in the guise of playing and having fun.

LOS ANGELES, CA May 17, 2011 — Jr Imagination™ announced today the availability of a new creative thinking app for iPhone and iPod touch, "Creative Genius On-the-Go!" This fun and convenient tool provides open-ended creativity for young minds with 150 quick challenges, diversions, and scenarios that can be played anytime, anywhere. The app contains short, written prompts offering activities that children can play independently, or with a friend or sibling. It's also a great opportunity for lively interaction between parents and their kids.

The app features three collections:

  • 50 What Ifs? - Prompts the player to describe how the impossible may be possible
  • 50 Imagine That! - Mind stretching challenges that boost brainpower and zap boredom
  • 50 Wack-tivities - Silly and fun diversions to get the creative juices flowing

"All children love imaginative play," said Marjorie Sarnat, co-founder and chief creative force behind Jr Imagination. "I designed each of these activities knowing that under the guise of playing and having fun, kids could stretch their minds and boost their creative power." She added, "The great achievements we see all around us, and the innovations we use every day show us that creativity goes beyond artistic expression. With Creative Genius On-the-Go! parents have a tool that helps kids become problem solvers. It encourages them to think fluently and flexibly as they generate and develop original ideas."

Starting today, kids and parents are being introduced to Jr Imagination Creative Genius™ products with the release of this app. Creative Genius On-the-Go! is the first in a suite of products that aims to grow the creative potential in all children. Armed with creative thinking skills, children are better prepared to cope with life's challenges because they know how to problem-solve. Creative children are able to think for themselves, and to be independent learners and achievers throughout their lives.

For information about Jr Imagination and Creative Genius On-the-Go! visit

Pricing and Availability
Creative Genius On-the-Go! is available for iPhone and iPod touch at an introductory price of 99c. Visit the iTunes App Store to download the app.

About Jr Imagination
Jr Imagination was co-founded by author, artist, and inventor, Marjorie Sarnat, and Marty Safir, creative director and designer. Marjorie has had a lifelong passion about creative thinking and the process of creativity. The Company's goal is to grow the creative potential in all children, and a tenet of the Company is that creative genius can blossom in any child, anywhere. “Think Outside The Tests”™ is its clarion call to educators and parents to provide children with activities that value creativity in order to grow a new generation of achievers. With Creative Genius™ products from Jr Imagination, the Company endeavors to be at the forefront of that effort.

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Marty Safir
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