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Four Fun Reads on Creativity Portal

I’m proud to be a regular feature author on Creativity Portal’s website, which offers fascinating articles by people from a variety of backgrounds. My articles address creative thinking in general along with a focus on creativity in kids.

These links open a new window to their website, but if you happen to get lost over there, don’t forget to come back soon, because we have some amazing news to share in the next few days. Check out the following:

Are You a Closet Creative?

Creative people have an ability to identify and solve problems in their personal lives and careers. When first attempts fall short, they formulate Plans B, C, D, or Q as needed. They find ways around roadblocks, come up with quick fixes for little emergencies, and design strategies for tackling serious problems. Creative thinkers are beautifully equipped for navigating the challenges of life. Who are these Creative Heroes? One of them may be you… more >

Creative Talent Comes Out to Play

I’m a big fan of board games, parlor games, and any games that kids and families enjoy. They’re all designed for fun but some games have hidden benefits, too; they reveal creative talents.

Observe your child at play with some of the games listed at the end of this article, and notice if he or she excels at one or more of them… more >

Practical Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids

As the mom of two incredible kids, one special needs and one identified as gifted, and as a former teacher, I know that creative genius can arise out of any child anywhere. You cannot predict creative aptitude by looking at typical classroom performance. My special needs daughter astonishes me with her handmade folk dolls as much as my gifted son does with his writing skills.

Creative kids are often daydreamers. The word, "daydreamer," has traditionally held negative connotations. Words such as unaware, lazy, and unmotivated are often used to describe daydreamers. But the truth is almost always the opposite. What's going on in a dreamer’s head is likely to be original ideation, visualization, imaginative thought, and creative problem solving. Daydreaming is a good thing… more >

Even If You Can’t Draw a Straight Line, You Can Be an Artist!
For Ages Toddler to Codger

I’ve heard the “can’t draw a straight line” lament many times from those who wish to be more artistic but lack the confidence. The truth is that straight lines have little to do with artistic expression. Creativity does.

Relax and enjoy the experience of painting whether you have traditional art skills or not, and creativity will flow. Children already know this. Here are two easy but mind-expanding art projects you might want to do right along with your kids… more >

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