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Creative Genius On-the-Go! Allows Children of All Learning Levels to Stretch Their Imaginations

Creative Genius On-the-Go! is a fun creative thinking app for parents and teachers to engage children in imaginative enrichment and learning activities. It’s a convenient way to provide open-ended creativity for young minds with 150 challenges, diversions, and scenarios that can be played anytime, anywhere. It can be used at home, in the grocery line, on road trips, or in classrooms. The possibilities are endless. 

The App Features 3 Collections:
  • 50 What Ifs? - prompts the player to describe how the impossible may be possible
  • 50 Imagine That! - mind-stretching challenges that boost brainpower
  • 50 Wack-tivities - silly and fun diversions to get the creative juices flowing

It Has These Additional Features:

  • What is Creativity? - helpful information to learn more about the creative process
  • Write Tool - if an activity requires written answers, use this full featured note pad
  • Notebook - store, edit, and share written entries, and use it as a creativity journal
  • Timer - useful for any timed activity (found in Write Tool)
  • Favorites - save any activity for convenient recall
  • Powerful Sort - helps player find the perfect activity for the right time and place 
  • Random - lets the app pick a random activity from any collection

Why Creative Thinking?

Creativity is more than artistic expression. It's what's behind the great achievements we see all around us and the innovations we use every day. With Creative Genius On-the-Go!, you have a tool to help children exercise creative thinking and begin to develop their own creative potential. Armed with creative thinking skills, children are better prepared to cope with life's challenges because they know how to problem-solve. Creative children are able to think for themselves, and to be independent learners and achievers throughout their lives.

Children crave opportunities to stretch their imaginations. Thinking creatively is a joyful experience for kids, although they would call it playing games and having fun.

What Do Reviewers Say? 

“The uses of this app are endless. Family Friday game night, drama class, birthday parties, car trips…. Creative Genius On-the-Go! rocks!” - My Appinions 

“…if you are going to be traveling with grade-school aged children, it's a must-have," wrote Hannah of Mile High Mamas in her column, "Must-have Apps for Traveling."

The iPhone Mom said, "Creative Genius - On the Go! is just the kind of app my older children need.”

“I am pleased with the creativity and problem-solving skills it offers both children of all ages and adults. It encourages the players to really stretch their minds.” - GiggleApps

“Creative Genius On-the-Go! makes it EASY for homeschoolers to dig into creative thinking!” - Apps For Homeschooling

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